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Venus Interior

Kitchen & Dining

"Kitchen Interior or Modular Kitchen need to be carefully planned as the entire resident’s Safety, health and happiness depends upon it."

Design the space based on the Golden triangle (sink-fridge-stove), Anthropometric design (cabinets) and the Types of Kitchen (Parallel – L shape – U shape – island counters).

While Planning the Kitchen, we have to keep in mind the key factors:

The Stove Should be in the Eastern Side of the Kitchen.

Sink should be at Least 2 Feet away from the stove and should be close to the outer wall where the plumbing outlet is.

Under Sink Space can be utilized for Water Purifier (Under Counter Water Purifier.

Venus Interior

Bottom cabinets should have maximum number of pull out Drawers to maximize the storage space and Increase accessibility of the items stored in the bottom shelf.

Plate Rack should be in the Top Cabinet, Preferably above the Sink with Top Open door, as Its Useful when we can wash the plates and directly keep it in the Plate Rack with the drip tray.

Plate Rack should not be planned in the Bottom cabinet as it cannot be spatially organized and utilised.

Sit back and watch your vision come to life with our executives guiding you through every step of the road.

Venus Interior