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We offer a complete solution for Modular Kitchen, Wardrobes and home and office furniture. With our Skilled Manpower and State of Art Machineries we produce high quality products which lasts for a life time at a very reasonable price. Our designers are well experienced to understand the need of each individual clients so as to design product which will suit their taste and preference.


Home is a place where we retreat and it is complete only when it synchronizes with the needs, habits and tastes of the people living in it.

Hence our team work really hard and customize your home and complete the project as seamlessly as possible.

Venus Interiors transform your house into a dream home effortlessly.

With a respectable track record in both commercial and residential projects, our work as a team has always been appreciated.


The secret behind our successful clientele is that we assist our clients to create customized furniture that suites their needs, habits and taste.

Reputed for being genuine, we cherry pick highest quality woods for our furniture.

Our talented carpenters create hundreds of durable, strong and long lasting furniture which are in fact a piece of art. With all the qualities of an antique piece, be it a table, chair or cabinet, each one of the furniture is unique.

Venus Interiors aims at providing quality products to our clients at a reasonable cost and has initiated an idea to give the indigenous carpenters and related craftsmen an opportunity to compete with international market challenges.


We believe every individual is different and

“Home is the place where we Retreat”.

Home is complete only when it synchronies itself with the needs, habits and taste of the individual(s) staying in it.

We assist our clients to create furniture as in their imagination and which suites their needs, habits and taste …

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